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Our Story

In 1991, Mao Ping Hua sewed woolen sweaters and sold them in her local market. With that money earned she bought her first sewing machine, which led to more sweaters sold. The cycle continued with her purchasing more machines and hiring more workers. Our parent company, Shanghai Huaxiang was born as a company with this small beginning. 25 years later, Huaxiang now has almost 2000 employees in factories based in China & Bangladesh, and subsidiaries in Hong Kong and Singapore. That process of growth was built on the foundation of efficient processes, quality production, welfare for workers and trust with our clients. 

With our headquarters based in China's de facto fashion capital, Shanghai, we have been longtime wool & knitwear clothing manufacturers for several top fashion brands in the world. HTX was set up in Singapore in 2014 to broaden our company's reach and exposure. Whether you're looking for fashion designs or production for your next collection, HTX is here to partner you through the process. 

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