How To Market Your Fashion Brand

The fashion industry today is ultra-competitive, and it can be hard to know how to market your fashion brand. The good news is that with the growing influence of social media and e-commerce even start-ups and small fashion businesses are now getting their chance to grow and thrive.

To separate yourself from the crowd, you need an angle, and that angle is your brand's story and how it inspires your potential customers.

Before the internet, classic marketing was used to build customer awareness. Advertising in magazines, newspapers, even TV and radio were used to get the word to customers. These methods still exist today, but print and radio advertising only ever reach a relatively small local audience, while TV advertising is far too expensive.

Luckily the internet has supplied the platform to propel advertising out to the masses, not just locally but globally. By using intelligent social media marketing techniques, it is possible to target a very select niche audience that significantly increases your brand's sales potential.

How To Define Your Fashion Brand's Story

What makes your brand different? Why does it stand out from all the others? Why should consumers choose it? These questions have to be answered so you can target your niche audience.

Think about your brand's fundamental differences, perhaps it's all based on using all natural ecological materials, or maybe it's all about innovation and the use of the latest fabrics. Whatever it is, isolate it and use it to your advantage.

Then think about any specific design features, applications and pricing. Use this information to identify your customer profile, gender, age, and lifestyle and so on.

Work on a statement that describes your brand in no more than two sentences, for example, X-Brand, ecological sportswear using innovative natural fibers for professional athletes to morning joggers aged 18 – 40. High-performance clothing at affordable prices. Or we choose only from ethical sustainable clothing manufacturers.

Marketing Your Fashion Brand Using Classic Framework

Even when using the internet as your primary marketing platform, the tried and tested framework of product, place, price, and promotion is still valid.


A product refers to an item that is needed by your target customers. Due to the nature of fashion, your customers probably don't yet know they need your product, use this to your advantage. It can be better to focus on one particular product rather than your whole fashion brand. Coming back to the sportswear illustration, say for example that part of the collection included an innovative base layer made from natural fabrics that regulated body temperature, wicking away sweat and keeping the user cool in hot temperatures and warm in cool ones. By promoting this item directly to your target audience with links back to the rest of your collection you will generate interest in your brand.

Price Point

Pricing is always a tricky area; you need to price your products so they are perceived as being good value for money. If you make them too cheap people will assume the products are of low quality, too high and you could be limiting the customers who can afford to buy from you. To get the best ideas on price, look at as many similar items being offered by other brands as you can. Production costs also have to be taken into account too of course.

Place of Sale

Place f sale refers to where you sell your product. This will directly influence who sees it and the potential reach it has. By making your sales entirely internet based, you could be losing out to customers who prefer not to shop online. It is often a better strategy also to have stock for sale through your own or selected retail stores. One thing is for sure an internet presence is vital, so having a website for your brand is an essential component of your marketing strategy.

Promotion Of Your Brand

There are many ways to promote your brand, both traditional and innovative.


TV, radio, print, or online all cost money, so it is necessary to justify the cost against the potential gains. Some magazines will offer free advertising or run articles about new innovative products. Think outside of the box here, don't just use fashion magazines, but magazines that people who will wear your clothing would buy because its part of their lifestyle.

Online advertising is achievable in many different ways, from banner ads to full-blown e-commerce websites.

Public Relations

Celebrity placement, customer endorsements, gifting, wardrobing and designer appearances can all help get your brand seen and create interest in it. Used in conjunction with bold signage these can all be effective marketing strategies.

Social Media

Social media is the darling of any new designer. With so many different platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and so on it is easy and cost-effective to promote your brand using social media.

Hopefully, this has helped you think more about how to market your fashion brand and make it a success.