Where To Find Knitwear Manufacturers


If you are looking at where to find knitwear manufacturers to produce your line of clothing, then here are a few tips to put you on the right track.

Recommendation About Clothing Manufacturers

Firstly, if you know anyone who is already having their knitwear line manufactured, ask them directly for any recommendations they have. A recommendation is always a great way to go, as you can glean so much useful information before you even talk with the company.

If you don't know of anyone directly, then you can try contacting other companies who are selling knitwear that you like and ask them who they use for their manufacturing. You'll probably be surprised by how much they will want to help. Even if they won't just finding out the location of the factory they use can help you find it.

Location Of Clothing Manufacturers

If you want to find a local clothing manufacturer, which is usually best for small runs, you can use the telephone directory. This will help you to identify any businesses that operate locally. If you don't mind looking further afield, you can try specific internet searches such as “Knitwear manufacturers in Maine” or “Knitwear manufacturers in Connecticut” and so on. Being area specific will help narrow down your results.

If you'd prefer to source a knitwear clothing manufacture from China for e.g. or India, where manufacturing costs are typically a lot lower than in the states, you can again try an internet search. Be aware though that these factories usually won't produce low volumes and shipping times will be a lot longer. If you do decide to use a factory overseas, you may also find it beneficial to use an agent. Agents will help you source a factory and oversee the production of your garments. To find an agent you can visit trade shows, ask friends for recommendations or search online.


It can also be useful to include the type of manufacturer you need for your garments. For example, if you want to locate a factory that specializes in clothing that is seamless, then add the word seamless to your search: The more specific you can be, the more likely it is you will find a perfect match for what you are after.

If you just need the factory to assemble your designs then look for factories that specialize in CMT, which stands for cut-measure-trim. If you need complete production, then you will need to find factories that offer FPP full package production.

Helpful Websites To Locate Clothing Manufacturers

If you still feel you need a little extra help you can try using websites such as makersrow.com where you can look through the factory listings and read reviews.

Research On Clothing Manufacturers

Once you have your list do your research, find out as much as you can about the factories before you even approach them. This will help you narrow down your choices and focus your real needs.

When you have a shortlist of knitwear manufacturers, visit them, ask for references, and look at samples of their work. Finding the right factory to produce your clothing line can, after all, have a massive impact on your business. It is ultimately the difference between success and failure.